Texas AR Rifles

If you're not sure which rifle to buy, here is an explanation of the differences between our Lone Star and Alamo Rifles!

Alamo Upgrades-

SOPMOD Stock- offers a wider cheek rest, a rounded rubber but plate and dual locking waterproof battery compartments.

Hogue Grip- Rubber Over molded grip with finger grooves gives a softer feel and much better grip

Tactical Charging Handle- Extended Latch allows the shooter faster weapon manipulation and the ability to reach the handle easier, even with optics.

15" Freefloat Handguard- We upgrade you from our 13" to our 15" Handguard giving you 2 extra inches to hold on to!

3 Port Muzzle Brake- Muzzle Brakes reduce recoil and muzzle rise. This keeps you on your target, reduces shoulder fatigue, and makes follow up shots much faster.