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Texas AR Billet Side Charging Upper Receiver

$429.95 $399.95
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Product Description

Our Newest and Best Upper Receiver yet! Incorporates a left side charging handle that is contoured for easy charging by hand, but also works in adverse conditions where you may have to charge the weapon one handed by using clothing or gear to catch the handle to charge. Want to use your rifle conventionally? No problem with this upper, since it accepts a standard charging handle as well! This upper even gives you the option of installing a dust cover if you want! The only thing we left off was the forward assist. After interviewing with countless Law Enforcement Departments, Competitive Shooters, and more, we came to the conclusion that it was unnecessary on a reciprocating side charger since you can simply use the charging handle with your left hand to make sure it is in battery if you feel the need to do so. This keeps your trigger hand on the grip of the rifle at all times giving you the most control. Includes .223/5.56/300aac BCG and Side Charging Handle**

What is so great about side chargers? Why do I need one?   -   Side chargers are not a new concept in the firearms industry. The AK Platform of rifles uses side charging mechanics to function. Moving the charging mechanism of a rifle forward gives you a large advantage when you need to manipulate your weapon. It is much faster and easier to reach forward and uses better muscle strength than reaching back toward your face and having to pull back even further, requiring you to move your head as well.  Unlike the AK, we put the charging handle on the left hand side so you can keep your trigger hand on the grip of the rifle. This creates the absolute fastest and strongest way to charge your AR and gives you one key advantage in a tactical situation... You can keep your eyes on your target while manipulating your weapon! 

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