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Product Description

The J-COMP concept comes from the Type 89 Japanese assault rifle used by the Japan Self-Defense Forces, the Japan Coast Guard's Special Security Team units, and the Special Assault Team. Strike Industries has provided three version of the J-COMP to accommodate those who want to an effective and classic compensator on the end of their rifle. It comes in calibers .223/5.56. The J-COMP is built to greatly reduce recoil and redirects concussive impact by utilizing a double chamber system and six ported side vents. The front ports act to minimize flash from the muzzle.  This means the J-Comp is a true dual purpose article of weaponry.  With the J-Comp you can have your sights stay on the target to make exceptionally fast follow up shots. Its smooth parkerized steel black finish gives it a clean appearance and the length of the J-Comp is long enough to turn your 14.5” barrel to 16”.  Deck out your rifle with the J-COMP and terrorize the competition now!

The SI JCOMP 2.0 is the classic Type 89 compensator re-engineered and updated for the 21st century. Due to end user feedback, the favorite features of the original are retained, but the J Comp now features increased muzzle rise compensation, and is available in 7.62x39mm and .308/7.62x51mm in addition to 5.56x45/.223.


- Caliber: .223/5.56 
- Classic Type 89 look
- High quality steel construction
- Used by Japan’s Special Forces and military
- Reduction of recoil from two chambers and 6 ports
- Affordable and effective compensator
- Length makes a 14.5” rifle to 16”
- Pin hole for weld
- Includes Crush Washer


Product Videos

J-Comp Rapid Firing 01:05

Reinstalled the Strike Industries J-Comp and did some rapid shooting with it today. I must admit I have grown to like it a lot more than I did at first.

  • J-Comp Rapid F...
    Reinstalled the Strike Industries J-Comp and did some rapid sh...

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Product Reviews

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  1. J Comp V for Ak 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Aug 19th 2017

    Solid built and fine product, used to replace the muzzle brake of Arsenal AK rifle.

  2. Best brake for the money 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 12th 2016

    After reading The Truth About Guns' muzzle brake shootout #2, I decided to try the J-Comp on my 16" Troy Carbine. In comparison to a naked muzzle, the Troy Claymore, the Troy Medieval, and an SJC Titan, the J-Comp is the best bang for the buck. The two Troy devices aren't even worth talking about....One came on the rifle (Midieval) and is pretty much somewhat of a flash hider but mostly just a place holder that takes up space; the other one is a 'linear comp' which pushes all the gasses and noise forward(Claymore). I didn't really notice an increase in sound when I removed the Claymore and went to a naked muzzle. The Titan was about 3x the money, it did keep the rifle on target slightly better, but the concussion rattled my teeth when firing and the side blast almost blew the clothes off the range officer next to me at 3 gun competitions - Unnecessary in my opinion. The SI J-Comp is inexpensive (made in Taiwan, yet machined and finished extremely well), keeps the rifle on target probably 90% as well as the Titan, and side blast to shooters or bystanders at next to the shooter is not 'violent'. I did let another person shoot the rifle and I stood next to the muzzle to both evaluate side concussion and look at the flash hiding capabilities at dusk. The whole device will glow with powder flash, but very little, if any, flash projected beyond the J-Comp's chambers.

    10/10, would buy again!

SI JComp2
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